Pyxis Piano Quartet


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Meredith Amado with violin   Amy Leonard with viola   Jie Jin with cello   Hiroko Yamazaki

Luigi Mazzocchi, violin


Amy Leonard, viola


Jie Jin, cello


Hiroko Yamazaki, piano

Photos of Leonard and Jin by Karen Gowen, photo of Yamazaki by Jennifer Corbett, photo of Mazzocchi by Alexander Iziliaev

Members of Pyxis Piano Quartet, walking, in color   Members of Pyxis Piano Quartet, walking, in black and white

from left: Amy Leonard, Hiroko Yamazaki, Jie Jin, Luigi Mazzocchi


from left: Luigi Mazzocchi, Hiroko Yamazaki, Jie Jin, Amy Leonard






centennial gala    

With Vice President Biden at the Centennial Gala

photo by Chris Permar

Rock Hall          

Before our debut at The Mainstay in Rock Hall, MD

Feb. 5, 2012


After our DE Art Museum Concert with guest violinist, Ruotao Mao

Oct. 18, 2013


Great turnout for the Family Concert at the Art Museum

Nov. 10, 2013